Legislative Updates

2017 Regular Session Ends May 12, 2017, 6pm

(updated 4/13/2017)


HB 793 (2017) – sponsored by Representative Kurt Bahr

  1. Eliminates the confusions created by the optional voluntary registration of a home school with “the Recorder of Deeds or chief school officer of the public school district”. 
  2. Prosecuting Attorney would only request home school records if there is “reasonable suspicion” for the prosecutor to believe the law has been violated.
  3. Establishes data privacy rights for home school students which currently exist for public school students.
  4. Makes a slight change to reduce over burdensome record keeping.

Things HB 793 will not do:

  1. Does not remove, lessen, or eliminate, any accountability or obligation currently required for home education, other than providing an option to the record keeping methods which best suits the family.
  2. Will not change the statutory requirement of homeschooling parents to provide their students an education. The law will still require necessary records for each child.
  3. Where there is a “reasonable suspicion” of educational neglect, the prosecuting attorney will not be prevented from requesting homeschool records. 

FHE Position: Support

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HB 354 (2017) – sponsored by Representative Kurt Bahr

Protection of Parental Rights

FHE Position: Support



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